Top Leagues You Can Bet On This Weekend

Yesterday, the 17th of June, the much anticipated Premier League returned to our T.V screens after a three-month break. Of course, this is a piece of suiting news for many punters and it should be noted that the FA Cup will also continue from where it stopped anytime soon.

Although, football actions have commenced in some part of the world but the most-watched football league in the world – EPL – just resumed.

With the other leagues that have kicked off, bettors now have a variety of games to pick from.

Check out the leagues you can choose games from this weekend in case you are not sure of which league games have resumed.

German Bundesliga

Despite Bayern Munich winning the league for the 8th times, actions continue in German Bundesliga this weekend. Since its return, the league has seen a lot of goals scored.

Premier League

The EPL returned with a big win on Wednesday when Manchester City thrashed Arsenal’s 10 men. Action is set to continue this weekend as other teams battle for a spot in the top four continues.

La Liga

We have seen Barcelona defeating their opponents in the games played so far while Real Madrid is still fighting hard to catch up with them. Whether the Catalans will continue to maintain the lead or the other teams will make it to the top four, let us keep watching.

Italian Seria A

Italy’s Serie A will return on 20 June, the country’s sports minister, Vincenzo Spadafora has confirmed weeks back.

Serie A was suspended on 9 March, with Juventus leading the table by a point with 12 rounds of matches remaining. Players have returned to individual training earlier.

Among other leagues that you can add to your ticket this weekend are, The Süper Lig and Primeira Liga.

With all these leagues and their games available to bet on this weekend, what’s your ticket looking like this weekend?

Keep winning, Fam!

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