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1960bet, as the first Retail Sport Betting Company in Nigeria, offers you the remarkable opportunity to be your own boss. With our long standing experience in the business that spans since 2010, we provide you with the uncommon platform to achieve your goals. With industry tested and desired products, amazing odds, juicy bonuses and an experienced and knowledgeable support team, we set the business pace for you to achieve your dreams. We make our agents our priority and ensure they get all the requisite support as we reward them for their loyalty. Partner with us today and be part of this extraordinary journey to business growth and success. You would be glad you did.



Ø Exciting Sports and Virtual Products

Ø Virtual Football League (EPL and La Liga)

Ø Lucky Balls

Ø SuperSix

Ø Dog Racing

Ø Lucky Greek (Keno)

Ø Amazing Bonuses

Ø Progressive Jackpot


Ø Commissions up to 40%.

Ø Optional Weekly Commission on Virtual of either 10% of Total Weekly Stake OR 50%/50% Profit Sharing Model.

Ø Optional Payment of Weekly Commission to Agent by either Cash (Direct Bank Deposit) or Virtual Credit to Shop Bet Account.

Ø Weekly Expense Support Bonus (SERF) of up to N30,000 (Thirty Thousand Naira) Weekly.

Ø Payment of SERF to Agent is by Cash (Direct Bank Deposit).

Ø Monthly Bonus on Sports up to 35% of Profit.

Ø Agent Quarterly Bonus.

Ø Instant Payment of Winnings within 12 hours.

Ø Industry best Odds on sports and virtual trade.

Ø Up to 45 games selection per ticket.

Ø Multiple jackpots across all virtual products.

Ø Low and Flexible Startup Capital (As low as N5,000).

Ø Free trade support tools and installation.

Ø Experienced and round the clock available support team.


Ø Free Virtual Decoder

Ø Free Plasma Television Set

Ø Computer Systems – Optional

Ø Thermal Printers – Optional

Ø HDMI Display Monitors – Optional

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