3 Ways To Fund your 1960Bet Online Account

Being one of the tested and trusted sports betting company in Nigeria, 1960Bet offers sports lovers the chance to bet on different sports activities ranging from football, dog race, horse race amongst other notable sport available across the globe.

In order to place a bet, you will need to register for a 1960Bet account. If you don’t have one already you can sign up here.

Once you’ve successfully registered on 1960Bet, the next thing to do is to fund your account and start booking your bets.

However, it is worthy to note that if you are to play at any 1960bet shops around your area, you are not required to create a 1960bet account or fund your account. Also, there are 3 ways of funding your 1960bet account. You can fund your account with your ATM card, bank transfer or visit any 1960Bet agent shops around you.

This process is only meant for individuals who prefer playing online from the comforts of their home.

  1. Without any delay, here is how to fund your 1960Bet account with your ATM card. 

Step 1. Simply log into your account, click on the Banking Icon on the home page. You’ll then see a session which offers you a range of options.

Step 2. Out of the many options, click on Deposit. This will open up the payment method available.

Step 3.  Click on Web Pay Direct immediately and enter the amount that you would like to deposit in the space provided and click on Deposit. 

Step 4. After clicking on Deposit, you will be redirected to InterSwitch WebPay page where you will enter your card details on the banking screen and press Pay.

Step 5. A One-time pin will be sent to the phone number attached to the card or account number. Kindly enter the pin in the space provided then click on Continue.

Your transaction should be processed immediately and you will see the funds in your account, and you’re ready to bet.

2. Bank Transfer Method

Step 1. Transfer the amount that you would like to deposit in your 1960bet account to this GTB Account detail.



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0472662299

Step 2.  In order to confirm the payment, kindly call or send a text to 07001960238. You will also have to send your 1960Bet username, date of transfer, the amount you transferred and the name on the account which was used to transfer. Once this has been confirmed, your account will be credited immediately.

3. Visit 1960Bet Agent Shop

In case you can’t do any of the two methods highlighted above, you can visit any 1960bet agent shop in your area to fund your online account.

You only need to provide your USERNAME and ACCOUNT ID. Once this is done, you will be credited immediately.

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